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Game Happens!

Game Happens! torna per il secondo anno a essere un'occasione di incontro per tutte le persone che lavorano nel settore del game development, che aspirano a farne parte o semplicemente incuriosite da un'industria ricca di creatività in grado di contaminare ambiti come l'interaction design e l'arte digitale. La storica location di Villa Durazzo Bombrini ospita una giornata ricca di eventi: una conferenza di respiro internazionale, una tavola rotonda sullo stato dell'industria creativa digitale in Liguria, una sessione di presentazioni di progetti innovativi e una selezione di giochi indipendenti tutti da provare.

Il tema di quest'anno è Beyond the Screen. Gli argomenti affrontati andranno dalla realtà virtuale ai controller alternativi, con particolare attenzione alle esperienze che portano il gioco al di fuori dello schermo.

L’evento si svolge interamente nella giornata di venerdì 26 giugno a Villa Bombrini – Genova Cornigliano ed è diviso in due parti:

  • Outerworld: conferenza (dalle 10 alle 13) e tavola rotonda su virtual reality e wearable devices (dalle 16 alle 18)
  • Innerworld: indie game showcase e mini talk (dalle 14 alle 20)
Game Happens!


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h. 09:30 - 14:00

La sezione Outerworld rappresenta quella fase in cui si cerca attivamente l'ispirazione, si esplora il mondo esterno e si cerca di imparare dai propri mentori.

I nostri ospiti internazionali presenteranno i propri punti di vista durante la main conference (h. 10 – 13). Una tavola rotonda (h. 16 – 18) tra autori, designer e sviluppatori italiani affronterà il futuro della realtà virtuale, delle tecnologie wearables e dei'intrattenimento interattivo.

Pranzo incluso per tutte le persone con All Access Pass – compra i biglietti

09:00 – 09:30
Coffee & Focaccia

09:30 – 10:00
Welcome Speech
Andrea Rocco & Federico Fasce

10:00 – 10:45
The Last Beat of Your Heart: Gaming that Gets You Fit
Adrian Hon

10:45 – 11:30
Beyond the Screen & Beyond the Human:
What I Learned from Designing and Developing Playful Interactions with Animals

Michelle Westerlaken

11:30 – 12:15
Play Outside: Reimagining Our Cities with Urban Games
Lena Mech

12:15 – 12:45
Nurturing Talent to build the Videogame Industry from Scratch: A Singapore Story
Roberto Dillon

13:00 – 14:00
> Lunch break

16:00 – 18:00
Beyond the Digital Reality: Connecting Our Body and Our Minds with VR and Wearables
Andrea Fasce, Elisa Di Lorenzo, Daniele Benegiamo, Marco Gaudina,
Valentina Paggiarin, Franco Bevione – Moderator: Federico Fasce

18:00 – 20:00
> Aperitivo (offered by ETT SpA)


La seconda parte è chiamata Innerworld. È un percorso all'interno di Villa Bombini di installazioni interattive, giochi indipendenti, board game e live performance.

h. 14:00 – 20:00

Advanced Technologies
• Interactive Installations & Demos – ETT
• HIRIS – Circle Garage
• Demos – InfoMus Lab

Digital Games
• BactericaIndie Construction
• Song of PanBalzo
• Cast of the Seven GodsendsRaven Travel Studios
• Mediterranean Voidland – Sticky Toffee Games
• NeuroSki – Rising Pixel & Big Bang Pixel
• Volvox – Neotenia
• The Way of Life – Chubby Pixel
• Wuwu & Co. – Step In Books

Interactive Arts
• Reflections – Catodo

Live Performances
• The Life of a Character, from Sketch to ZBrushGiacomo Guccinelli

Local Multiplayer Games
• Hyperdrive Massacre – 34BigThings
• Killer Keyboard – GameOveriani
• Red Rope: Don't Fall BehindYonder
• SlashDash – Nevernaut Games
• We'll Meet Again – We Are Muesli

Non-Digital Games
• A Selection of Our Board GamesPost Scriptum

Physical Games
• Idiots Attack the Top Noodle – Copenhagen Game Collective

Students Prototypes
• Blind’n DogZ – Event Horizon School of Digital Art (Firenze)
• A Grey that Matters – Event Horizon School of Digital Art (Firenze)
• MatrixGame – IIS Gastaldi – Abba

Mini Talk
• Video Game Mentoring Program – AESVI
• Textural Videogames – Playing the Game
• The Strength of Board Games in a Digital World – Mario Sacchi
• Combine Simulator in Unreal Engine 4: A Case Study – Erika Vespa
• HARDcade Video Mapping – VJVISUALOOP
• Breaking Through: 30 Years of Learners' Game Making – Jeffrey Earp (ITD-CNR)
Event Horizon School of Digital Art (Firenze)

Speed Business Meeting
Consolato Generale del Regno dei Paesi Bassi a Milano

Game Happens!

Adrian Hon

Adrian Hon

Adrian Hon is co-founder and CEO at Six to Start, creators of gamelike stories and story-like games including the world's bestselling smartphone fitness game, "Zombies, Run!" with over one million players. Six to Start's clients have included Disney, the BBC, Channel 4, and Penguin, and the company has won multiple awards including Best of Show at SXSW. Adrian is author of A History of the Future in 100 Objects, and has written a column about technology for the Telegraph. He originally trained as a neuroscientist at Cambridge, UCSD, and Oxford.

Zombies, Run! | Personal website | @adrianhon

Michelle Westerlaken

Michelle Westerlaken

Michelle Westerlaken is an interaction designer with four years of experience in researching, designing and developing playful interactions for and with animals. She is originally from the Netherlands and currently based in Malmö (Sweden) where she recently finished her MSc in Interaction Design. Next to publishing research papers, she designs and develops playful interactions such as Felino, a tablet game for cats and humans, interactive dog toys, and hybrid physical and digital games. Her aim is to explore how we can design meaningful technological mediations both for and with animals with the goal to enrich or improve their lives.

Personal website | @colombinary

Lena Mech

Lena Mech

Lena Mech is an urban game designer, a curator and member of Copenhagen Game Collective. Her work ranges from silly games for children, through political interactive experiences to experimentation with technology enabled games that don't need a screen. She also co-founded Spilværk with which she is trying to find an alternative to educational system through designing games.

Spilvaerk | Personal website | @urbanalade

Roberto Dillon

Roberto Dillon

Originally from Italy but now based in Singapore, Roberto Dillon is the author of different game related books. He is active both as an indie developer, through his studio Adsumsoft, and as an academic in the field of game design and development. He is currently an Associate Professor at James Cook University lecturing game design and project management classes. Before joining JCU, he was the Game Design Department Chair at DigiPen Singapore, teaching a variety of courses ranging from Games History to Game Mechanics, with his students gaining top honours at competitions like IGF both in San Francisco and Shanghai.

Personal website | @rdillon73

Federico Fasce

Federico Fasce

Born in Genova in 1975, Federico Fasce has worked as game designer in the Italian industry since 1996, first as an artist and game writer in Artematica, then as a game designer in Trecision. He then moved his interests towards the world of social web, working as an interaction designer and community designer. He returned to game development in 2010, when he co-founded Urustar, a game design and consulting agency as well as an independent and experimental game development firm. Now he is working at ETT where he creates gaming experiences for museums in Italy and UK.

Personal Website | @kurai

Andrea Rocco

Andrea Rocco

Andrea Rocco is the founder and director at Genova–Liguria Film Commission, a Foundation created by the Liguria Regional organisation and the city of Genova to help developing local industries. He's been involved in the creation of the PPAC (Polo aziende creative di Cornigliano), the center of creative industries based in Villa Bombrini, Cornigliano. He's a Board member at the European Film Commission Network.

Genova–Liguria Film Commission

Elisa Di Lorenzo

Elisa Di Lorenzo

Passionate about video games from an early age, Elisa Di Lorenzo graduated in Computer Science from the University of Genova (DISI). During her postgraduate studies, Elisa worked as a freelance game developer, mainly in the creation of Flash games, dealing in particular with artificial intelligence and pathfinding, user interaction, and level design. In 2008 she founded, together with some university classmates, Foofa Studios, where she worked as a programmer first and then as a producer and business developer. In 2013 Foofa Studios teamed up with actor and director Flavio Parenti and creates Untold Games with the aim of developing games designed for virtual reality with a strong storytelling component. Untold Games’ first project is the virtual reality adventure game Loading Human, recently successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Untold Games | @elidilo

Marco Gaudina

Marco Gaudina

Marco Gaudina, graduated in 2006 in Computer Science in Robotics and automation, at the University of Genoa. He has been working for two years in Manufacturing execution System consultant for Siemens Automation. He came back to research and started a Phd at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). He got his PhD title in April 2012. His main research interests are Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality. His Phd is focused on developing new technologies to enhance human interaction with electronic applications concentrating on multi-modal frameworks. He decided to start Circle Garage immediately after his research experience believing that a good company is based on a strong innovation process.

Circle Garage | @MarcoGaudina

Valentina Paggiarin

Valentina Paggiarin

Valentina is Hive Division’s author and translator. She specialises in interactive and new media narrations, with a focus on movies and videogames. She works with Giacomo Talamini and Enrico Pasotti on all Hive Division’s stories and creative ideas, and she takes care of the narrative structure, characters dynamics, and synopsis. She also supervises the translation and proofreading of all Hive Division’s scripts and texts into English, working with professional translators and proofreaders. She helps the team as Producer before, during, and after the shooting.

Hive Division

Andrea Fasce

Andrea Fasce

Andrea Fasce is a co-founder of MWPowerLab has developed its own 3D realtime solutions boasting stereoscopic and interactive applications of photorealistic quality in the real estate, navy, oil&gas and Industry fields.


Daniele Benegiamo

Daniele Benegiamo

Daniele Benegiamo works in the game development industry since 1994. In 2000 he founded UNAmedia a company specialised in developing mobile apps, video games, serious games, and multi-platform interactive installations. Daniele is a programmer, but in the years he gained a deep experience in software design and project management.

UNAmedia | @UNA_daniele

Franco Bevione

Franco Bevione

Franco Bevione took part in the turn-around process that brought the Lumiq Studios to be bought by Virtual in 2007. He entered into the board of directors of Lumiq and became General Manager of the company working as executive producer in all Lumiq’s projects from 2007 to 2014. In 2014, he founded, with other three partners, a new company working in audio video production, named Endoss, and became General Manager of Illogic a company specialized in CGI real time and Virtual Reality Tools for the process Industry, in particular Oil&Gas.

Illogic | Linkedin | IMDB

Dove siamo

Villa Durazzo Bombrini si trova a Genova Cornigliano, in via Ludovico Antonio Muratori, 5.

In aereo: La Villa è a 10 minuti di taxi dall'Aereoporto di Genova – Cristoforo Colombo. In alternativa è possibile prendere il Volabus direttamente dall'aeroporto e scendere alla fermata Pacinotti/Fiumara (fermata a richiesta).

In auto: Le uscite autostradali più vicine sono Genova Ovest (A7) e Genova Aeroporto (A10). Proseguire in direzione Cornigliano e seguire le indicazioni per Villa Durazzo Bombrini. È possibile utilizzare sia il parcheggio libero lungo Via L.A. Muratori, sia il parcheggio privato sul lato Est della Villa che sarà disponibile ai partecipanti negli orari dell'evento.

In treno: Villa Bombrini si trova a 10 minuti a piedi dalla stazione ferroviaria di Genova Sampierdarena.
Per chi arriva alla stazione di Genova Principe, è possibile giungere anche in bus, prendendo il numero 3 (direzione: Sestri – Via Soliman) che fa capolinea proprio di fronte alla stazione. Dopo circa 20 minuti, scendere alla fermata presso i Giardini Melis.

In bus: È possibile prendere il bus numero 1 in Piazza Caricamento (di fronte all'Acquario) e, dopo circa 30 minuti, scendere alla fermata presso i Giardini Melis.

Game Happens!


Ecco una selezione di strutture convenzionate con l'evento Game Happens!:

  • Locanda Villa Moderna, Genova Nervi
    Ideale per chi vuole approfittare dell'evento per trascorrere un weekend in riviera. La locanda è vicino alla stazione di Nervi da cui si può raggiungere Genova Cornigliano con i treni locali (il biglietto integrato AMT-Trenitalia permette di utilizzare anche i treni per spostamenti locali).
    In fase di prenotazione, chiedere di usufruire della tariffa convenzionata per l'evento Game Happens!
  • ColumbusSea Hotel
    Ottimo per chi si sposta in auto, ha un parcheggio interno.
    In fase di prenotazione, chiedere di usufruire della tariffa convenzionata con Genova-Liguria Film Commission per l'evento Game Happens!
  • Best Western CHC Premier Airport
    È situato a due minuti dall'aeroporto di Genova Cristoforo Colombo e a 20 minuti a piedi da Villa Bombrini.
    In fase di prenotazione, chiedere di usufruire della convenzione Medov per l'evento Game Happens!
  • Holiday Inn Genova
    Parcheggio sorvegliato e automatizzato, a 500 metri dall'uscita autostradale di Genova Ovest è comodo per chi si sposta in auto, ma anche per chi arriva in treno essendo situato a soli 15 minuti a piedi dalla stazione di Genova Piazza Principe.
    In fase di prenotazione, chiedere di usufruire della convenzione Medov per l'evento Game Happens!
Game Happens!


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